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  Reply to My Question
ConfusionAnonymous writes: in Regards to GFS

hey, about those suggestions.............Well IM 15 so u know, turning 16 in 2 monthss, she is the same age as me and well How bout those suggestinos Very Happy

Crikey, I can't remember what this was in reference to.
Posted by gfs on Friday, 01 April 2005 (11:13:51) UTC (17007 reads)
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ConfusionAnonymous writes: Hey peepz! im Naz, 17 in college, frm da UK! i dunno if u get many of us britts on this website but im in serious need of a yanks help!! Laughing ill get to the point: i usually dont have any problem in talking 2/charming girls but the thing is i got every1 thinkin im a playa wen i aint even an ameture!! iv only had 3 gfs and only 1s bin full on, i usually keep things hush hush. the thing is i really dont like making the 1st move bcoz of fear of rejection and girls round here usually prefer guys 2 lead!! which means i hav all the sluts and MINGERS (ugly girls) running after me and the gud lukin girls keepin themselves 2themselves. id like to kno how 2 attract the right type of girl without stepping in2 the region of rejection. thank you.

Actually, we get a ton of brits on this site! The thing with women is they pick up on subtle things and they send subtle signals that we completely miss. So: don't worry about rejection because you be subtle enough that it's not a big deal. Instead of asking to buy her a drink or whatever, just give her a look. Step 2 is to PAY ATTENTION to the girls around you. Make some eye contact and look for signs of interest.
Posted by gfs on Friday, 01 April 2005 (11:12:39) UTC (33593 reads)
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  please i wanna help
ConfusionAnonymous writes: hi how r u ?
can u help me i wanna know how to get a girlfriend n chatting?(i need the steps)


and this me e-mail


Sending about 5 more messages like this should help...
Posted by gfs on Friday, 01 April 2005 (10:57:53) UTC (30308 reads)
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ConfusionAnonymous writes: who is on the line Razz

No. Who is on first.
Posted by gfs on Friday, 01 April 2005 (10:56:28) UTC (2979 reads)
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ConfusionAnonymous writes: You all desperate losers if you want a girl so bad just go ***** YOUR MOM faggits, you all should just jack off and dream of the girl you CAN'T never get. You all ***** bunch losers and fags. Only fags don't have money and jobs or even a nice car want to steal someones girlfriend, if you got everything girls will come to you STUPID LOSERS!!!

Hehe... the fags i know all want to steal boys.
Posted by gfs on Friday, 01 April 2005 (10:55:42) UTC (4998 reads)
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  He's gone, what can i do?
ConfusionAnonymous writes: Ok it's a confusin story, but i'll begin...

Theres a girl who is so fine, and everyone knows it. Last year she got a boyfreind form the year above me. I didnt really talk to her much last year, but now her boyfreind has left school and gone abroad they are still very much an item but we have started talking etc and getting on really well. She has come to watch me play tennis on a few occassions after I asked her to come. She also came over to me straight away in this bar and gave me her number to call her and do sommit over the holidays. Also she has phoned me a couple of times lately and we have chatted for hours. BUT she got a tciekt to go and visit her boyfriend in italy for a week, he stays there until christmas then he goes away for another long period travelling, then off to uni which is a long way away. (so he's not really on the scene much) I just cant work out if she likes me, I adore her and she seems like she likes me (givin me her number, coming to watch me play, phoning and chatting for hours etc. But then she has a boyfriend, i need a plan of action please can you help im soooo confuzed, this has all gone pretty quick aswell, like over a 3 week period.

GFS: Yes she likes you. She's also probably a bit lonely. The problem is that with the boyfriend so far away it may be difficult to steal her because she will want to wait or break up with him in person. Keep working it. Turn up the flirting a little. Turn up the sexual tension. Drive her crazy. Then when the moment is right and she's begging for it, give her a little kiss.
Posted by gfs on Tuesday, 26 October 2004 (19:01:59) UTC (4956 reads)
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  Shes dating a total ass hole


GFS: Your dad introduced you to a hot 15 year old girl? WTF? Maybe I should give your dad my phone number and he can set me up.

Nice girl that she didn't tell you about her boyfriend until after the third date. I think you should just come out and tell her straight up to break up with her boyfriend and go out with you. Normally that's not something I recommend but there is something weird going on here.

You might also want to ask your dad to do a little more research before he sets you up with taken women!
Posted by gfs on Tuesday, 26 October 2004 (18:50:37) UTC (5606 reads)
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  No time together.....
ConfusionAnonymous writes: My girlfriend and I have been going out for a month. I am trying to get close to her, but she seems to not want me to. I am the second boyfriend she has had.
But the thing is, her and her bestfriend kindof fell into a bisexual relationship. This is where I came in. I asked her best friend out first, then they told me about them being together. I didnt really care after that. Then the girl who is now my girlfriend tells me she never really meant to be bi, and she wants to get out of the relationship. We talk on the phone a few days, and I start to like her more and more. Well I ask her out and she says yes. I told her I didnt like her friend for a relationship anymore and she seemed to understand. So after they broke up, they stay best friends. But heres the problem. SHE NEVER SPENDS ANY TIME WITH ME.

Every time we make plans, something happens and she ends up spending time with her friend that she used to be in a relationship with ! I am afraid that maybe I am being used as a cover up for her and her friend to not get caught. Or maybe she is still having relations with her best friend. All I really want is to spend time with her, so we can get closer. We see eachother at school, but its not the same thing as spending time together.

GFS: Wow! This is the best freaking letter I've received in ages!! I will designate it Letter of the Month!

Girls are special. And really close girl friends falling in and out of a bisexual relationship are really really special. More than that they are DANGEROUS. I think what I would do in your situation is to go for the 3-way relationship. I assume you're not having sex with the girl yet since you're never alone with her but you should start hanging out with the 2 girls at once. Keep it fun. Relationships don't have to be cut-and-dried, categorized and put in boxes. I think you can get a threesome out of this one.

A word of caution. The two girls will sometimes gang up on you, make fun of you, and have secrets between themselves. Don't worry about it. Don't try to play them off each other. They will turn on you so fast you won't see the ground coming up to hit your ass. Remember you are the only man in the threesome and they will come back to you in their own time.
Posted by gfs on Tuesday, 26 October 2004 (18:42:27) UTC (4579 reads)
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  Am I the one?
ConfusionAnonymous writes: Alright check this out. I'm a senior in highschool and met this hot girl from my best friends G/F about a month ago. Me and her had a pretty good time in which we saw a movie together. A week later is homecoming. i have a different date but i notice that the girl i hung out with last week is there with some guy that no one likes. After homecoming i hear that she has made out with this dude. I'm pretty pissed but I'm like o well I can win her back easily. I hear that she really likes him and thinks hes sooo sweet. Now her best friend keeps telling me to go for her and whatever but she seems like she is split between the two of us. O ya this girl is the hottest girl i have me and i dont no why she is single... Anyways the next week i ask her out to go see a play at my school. Get this, the guy that she went to HC with is in the play and its awkward to watch this guy with her there. We have an ok time but i was really tired and seemed kinda boring i think i dont no. She said she understands because i had a game that day but its not the impression i wanted to leave. So i text message her everyday the next week and call her twice seeing if she wants to hang out. She sends one message back saying sry i missed your calls, ive been feeling pretty bad. So on a friday night i call her to see if she wants to hang out and she calls me back when im in the car with my friends saying she does. So i pick her up with some of my nerdy friends in the car. It was really awkward for her because my friends were really acting like fags. We go see a football game and then a movie. We had an alright time, nothing special. She has a stick shift car and doesnt no how to drive it, so I tell her ill teach her the next day if she wants?
I really really like this girl and i want to be her boyfriend but im not sure how to approach this. Im kinda scared because shes hot and has a lot of guy friends that could probably take her away. I also have not been in many relationships so I dont really no how to act in a relationship if I had one. I need advice on how to approach this opportunity, and how me and her could have a great relationship afterwards if we went out.

Whew. I once heard that many hot girls are very lonely because everyone is too intimidated to ask them out. What a crock! So your friends were acting like fags? Maybe they were doing you a favor because if she thinks they're all gay she will like you more for being open-minded and she will not fall in love with one of them. If only we could all have such considerate friends.

Boy, that theatre date sounds like a disaster. How unlucky can you be??

OK, so she's hot. She has a lot of guy friends. They probably all want to get in her pants. But they're probably not having much luck. She's already decided about them and the decision is NO. Don't worry about them.

You've got to get organized. Ask her out on a better planned date. Something where it's just you two and you'll be comfortable and relaxed and have a really good time. You say you don't know how to act in a relationship. Well, don't smother her. Don't tell her you love her too soon. Girls are pretty smart about these things and they can see through the bullshit. Have a good time. You're only in high-school fer christ's sake so having fun should be priority #1. Show an interest in what she thinks, how she feels, her hopes, dreams, fears etc. Support her. Compliment her. Make her feel special. Let her do things for you and let her know you appreciate her.
Posted by gfs on Tuesday, 26 October 2004 (18:33:09) UTC (9403 reads)
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  Dont know What shes Thinking?
ConfusionAnonymous writes: hi, i have been seeing this girl secretly for 3 months. She has a boyfriend but she still meets me and rings me. The last time we were together she told me that she wanted to be with me and not her boyfriend and i feel the same. But she has not contacted me properly since. I bumped into her yesterday and asked her when i could see her next and she just told me she didnt know. I reacted to this and walked away not even saying bye!! Do you think i have blown it with her and are her feelings false towards me?

No, I don't think you've blown it. I think you did the right thing. She's probably got scared when the time came to actually leave her boyfriend or maybe she's scared of him? I think she'll come back to you. Keep us updated!
Posted by gfs on Tuesday, 26 October 2004 (16:35:53) UTC (3136 reads)
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  The Girl at Work
ConfusionAnonymous writes: Hi,

About three months ago, there is this girl that started to work with me in the same department. She is 20 and I'm 24. We got close to each other. We go on breaks with each other and talk to each other always. Everyone at work thinks that we are going out, but we are not because she has a boyfriend. She has been going out with her boyfriend for a year now. I don't know what to do. I have strong feelings for her. Should I ask her out? What should I do? Your help is highly appreciated.

Crying or Very sad

GFS: Yeah, ask her to go for dinner or something after work and see how she responds. You probably want to look in Stealing Central for more stealing techniques. Find out more about her boyfriend and give her what she wants that she can't get with him.
Posted by gfs on Thursday, 21 October 2004 (15:39:20) UTC (2457 reads)
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  im ****ed
ConfusionAnonymous writes: ok check it out ive been with my girl for about 8 years and i recenlty proposed to her and all she could say was i dont know and im so confused, i deeply love her but i have to bring the lust back into this relationship she wants time to think now which is fine what is your advise help!

GFS: Damn!
Have you talked to her about getting married before now? Eight years is a long time and then for her to not know is pretty strange.

There are a few things you can do to bring back the lust. Do some new things... try doing some activities together that you've both never done. You'll share new experiences and it will help you get out of a rut. You can also spend more time in social settings with a bunch of other people. Talk to other girls and let her talk to other guys. I'm not saying to cheat or anything but seeing other people interested in your/her mate can wake up your/her passion.

You have to figure out what you really want. Then figure if she can give it to you. It could be that she's not completely happy in the relationship but it's too much trouble and heartbreak to break up. If that's the case you should either try to work things out by talking to her and trying to figure out what she needs and what's missing OR you should find someone else who can commit to you. You deserve it.
Posted by gfs on Thursday, 21 October 2004 (12:58:58) UTC (7070 reads)
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  A Girl
ConfusionAnonymous writes: hi
i met this girl in another country a few months ago and we hooked up
she is coming to my country in a year an is staying at my house
when she is here what should i do to get with her? We are both the same 'culture'. when i met her she was telling me that she knew some slutty people and she wasnt completely like that.

GFS: OMG, this has got to be the vaguest question I've ever received.

I guess if you're both of the same culture she'll be more likely to trust you and feel closer to you. I guess if you want her not to feel slutty, don't pressure her into having sex. Make it come naturally. And be prepared for the morning after guilt. Smile
Posted by gfs on Wednesday, 20 October 2004 (18:43:20) UTC (2250 reads)
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  I Need Some MAJOR HELP!!!
ConfusionAnonymous writes: Wow do i have a problem...

I am totally infatuated with this girl! Shes a blonde bombshell!!! She is the girl of my dreams!!! Only one problem though. She has a boyfriend that she is in a serious relationship with. I have known her for about 6 months and i met her at work. From the moment i paid eyes on her i had an instant crush on her. The second day i worked with her we went to dinner afterwards and sence then we have been great friends. But i dont want a "great friend", I want a girl friend! The thing that confuses me is that she flirts with me constantly and it drives me NUTS!!! Another thing that confuses me is that the one time her relationship with her boy friend was on the rocks and he umped her she invited me over to her house to watch a movie and we ended up sleeping in the same bed but not doing anything, just cuddling. The next day they were going back out. Yet another thing that confuses me is that she doesnt like her boyfriend and ive told her numerous times to break up with him and she still hasnt because she is afraid of life with out him. Even her friends are telling her to dump her boyfriend and go out with me! Why wont she? I have expressed my feelings twards her in the matter of me liking her but she will never tell me that she likes me! She will just start flirting with me again! Help me!!!

GFS: OK, this is a girl who needs attention. She needs to be with a guy to feel good about herself. And like you say, she's afraid of life without her boyfriend. You've got to make her work harder to get you. Pull back and don't always be around for her. Make her feel like she could lose you.
Posted by gfs on Wednesday, 20 October 2004 (18:09:38) UTC (2462 reads)
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  Boy From Illinois
ConfusionAnonymous writes: So, here's my question. This girl has been a very good friend of mine for almost two years now, and we share a lot with eachother. Just yesterday, she told me that she's been debating with herself a long time about this, but she says that she loves me. Now, I've really got no problem with that, as I really do feel the same way. We look into eachothers eyes and see something, almost a spark. However, I really do not know what to do, how to proceed. There are a lot of people at school who get into these almost (Sorry for saying this...) "stupid" relationships with girls they don't know very well half of the time, and I don't want this to be like that. I want this to last a long time, can you please help me?


PS: Nice site, found it through GoOgLe!

GFS: Thanks for your email. We're suckers for compliments!

The thing about relationships is that each one is unique. There is no one way to do it. There is no right answer and no wrong answer. So, you can have whatever kind of relationship you both want to have. The best way to figure out what will be is to take it slow and communicate with each other.

Since you've been friends for a long time, you both might feel a little pressure and shyness in changing the relationship from friendship to something more. If you talk about it then there will be less pressure and you'll both be "on the same page". But don't talk it to death. When you feel really close to her, looking into her eyes, then kiss her (gently). Hold her hands. See how she responds.

Don't worry about other people's relationships. Different people are looking for different things and are at different stages.

Posted by gfs on Wednesday, 20 October 2004 (18:05:20) UTC (2719 reads)
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ConfusionAnonymous writes: ok i have like this girl for like 3 years almost and she has been going out with another guy that is like a brother to me cuz i have know him a freshmen and this girl is a sofhmore. but her boyfriend gos to a college 6 hours away. i see this girl at school everyday. so what should i do? go talk to her or what?

Ah, another case of the boyfriend 6 hours away... compounded with the fact that he's your close friend. Look, do you want to lose him as a friend over this girl?? Are they planning to spend the rest of their lives together? Do you want to marry her?

Tough questions. You gotta ask yourself if this is worth it. There are a lot of hot girls in college... shit man!
Posted by gfs on Friday, 08 October 2004 (12:57:28) UTC (2151 reads)
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  Cold HEart
ConfusionAnonymous writes: I am 14 years old i live in oregon
This girl is everything i ever wanted and she's with some jerk that is everything that she hates, We talk all the time she's always upset and asking me what she should do all he wants is a peace of her and all i want is a chance from her i know she wouldn't regret it. I am really stressed about it and i blame my self i should be able to handel this but i can't Can you give me some advise it would really help

Well if she's upset all the time and her boyfriend is everything she hates, there must be another reason she goes out with him. It sounds to me like some peer pressure. I think you should just ask her out. And then when she says she has a boyfriend say "well maybe you should break up with him". You might always want to talk to her girl friends. They can also encourage her to break up with him.
Posted by gfs on Friday, 08 October 2004 (12:38:54) UTC (2346 reads)
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  Should I try or not?
ConfusionAnonymous writes: Hi. I met a girl on the first day of school named Ashley. I'm a junior shes a senior. We met in B period (second period out of four). We were working together on first day busy work and got to talking. We both had third period in another building (a building mostly for freshmen and sophmores) and she was a little pissed that she had to go there. So she said she was just going to skip the rest of the day. I asked her where she lived and found out she lives a few streets down from my house. So I asked if a could come with her. She said sure, so we left class a little early, ran to her car and drove back to her house. Her step-dad was home and she freaked a little bit and i offered to come to my house (my parents were at work). Once we got to my house we talked a little bit about this and that and found out we had quite a bit in common. Then out of no where she started talking about her boyfriend. I was starting to "get closer to her" the whole time but after this I backed off a bit. We said our goodbyes after school was out and she left. The next few days we talked a bit but not much, then she got her classes changed and wasn't in my class anymore. I rarely saw her in the hallways, but I really wanted to see her again. I spotted her one day before school and we started talking again. I asked her if she wanted to hang out sometime on the weekend she said sure and I gave her my number and she said she'd call me. I waited all weekend, and no call. This was last weekend and I've only seen her once since after school. I waved and she waved back and smiled. Should I persue this, or just forget about what happened?


Keep an open mind. Don't wait around for her but keep the lines of communication open. It's like setting a bunch of fishing lines... you get a few out there and you'll get a nibble on one. Then sometime later, you'll get a nibble on another one.
Posted by gfs on Friday, 08 October 2004 (12:22:57) UTC (2511 reads)
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  More than a friend..
ConfusionAnonymous writes: wasup..

Well, it started out like this:

Abit over a week ago I went down to a huge fair with my best friend to meet up with his g/f and her best friend. Ofcourse I had to go down there drunk as ever, while the other 3 we're sober. The next day I recieve a text msg from the one girl on my phone in school asking if I liked her(mind you, she got my info from her friend, and not me directly, so im not sure if this is a closer step in her liking me or not). I didn't answer the question, i just answered it with a maybe, she replied with saying "i like you alot too, but i already got a bf" and later on said "i like you more than just a friend". Anyway, all seems good now. But, when im drunk all my shyness goes away, and normally, im a shy person around new girls i met, or girls I like.

The next day all of us met up at one of our houses and I was pretty damn shy around (not really flirting with her ect..) towards the end before we left i started to open up more, but wasnt enough in my opinion to get a stronger sense with her. The day after that I told her that I was shy around her, she said that she "hates people that are shy around girls, but still likes me, and to just have a crazy ass fun time"

I can't really have many convos with her though because i'm never home because of sports & school.

My friends said the dude she was dating was a big *****, so having him in the way of fighting me wont be a problem since I know i can pretty much knock his ass out. Cool

Anyway, the questions that come to mind would be, think I can get her to break up with her B/F and go out with me, and, any advice on what to do to get her to like me even more? I got the opportunity, I just need to use it right. Maybe some marijanes will calm my nerves, and let me eaze up on my shyness, who knows, any suggestions? =)

haha... I got in enough trouble with my alcohol comments in the past that I will ignore any reference to other substances. I guess if you're not giving anything to the girl, you can do what you want in that department.

I think you have an excellent chance with this girl. Like someone once said "girls just want to have fun" so they like guys who are natural but with a bit of confidence. The problem with shyness is that it makes the other people uncomfortable as well. So, it's time to get over that right now. How? Well, think to yourself, you're just looking for a good time, there are many fish in the sea, it's not a big deal what she thinks of me. That will help you loosen up and she'll end up more relaxed as well thus helping you feel more comfortable.

Posted by gfs on Friday, 08 October 2004 (12:19:38) UTC (2706 reads)
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  Still Interested?
ConfusionAnonymous writes: Alright Ive known this girl for about a year now. She used to be all over me but over the summer we kinda forgot about each other. Now she feels comfortable talking to me but how can I tell if she is still interested?

She keeps talking to this guy but it seems he has no intrest in her. Yet she keeps going after him. How lure her away from him?

BTW nice site!

Glad you like the site!
Well this girls likes the chase. So show a little interest in her by flirting (a little playful touching) and then pull back a little. If she thinks that she can't get you or if other girls might be interested in you, she'll probably start to make her move.
Posted by gfs on Friday, 08 October 2004 (12:12:30) UTC (5178 reads)
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  What to do?
ConfusionAnonymous writes: First let me say that I love this site!!! Wink Anyway, There is a girl at my job that I have become attracted to...A friend of hers told her that she had a admirer at work..the very next day she spoke to me. Does this mean she likes me? I'm a not normally a quiet person but when ever she's around me i get quiet, and so does she...what does this mean? How do I start a conversation with her? Question

Boy oh boy, this sounds great!!
Take it slow so you become more comfortable around her and she does the same. Don't rush things or make sudden movements or you'll scare her away. Slowly coax her closer. Like feeding a squirrel. Once you've developed some rapport with her, then ask her to go for a coffee or whatever sometime. If you ask her out to early you face spending a very uncomfortable hour.
Posted by gfs on Friday, 08 October 2004 (12:09:49) UTC (2354 reads)
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  Should I sleep with my boss?
ConfusionAnonymous writes: I have been at my current job for 3 months and during that time my attractive female boss has been flirting with me. She is distant with my co-workers but she laughs at everything I say and blushes whenever I tease her. She has "accidently" touched my hand several times and always moves closer to me when she wants to talk. My fear is that maybe her signs of attraction are just me seeing things that might not actually exist. If she doesn't really like me, (she has mentioned her boyfriend)and I make a move, my job could be greatly affected. What should I do?

Boy, we all know how tempting a situation like this is! Here you are forced to spend hours a day with an attractive woman who happens to be flirting with you and who happens to have a boyfriend... Does it get any better than this?

Well unfortunately, sleeping with the boss, even when it goes well, is really not recommended. Basically you have to decide whether the job is worth more than a dalliance (or even a relationship.) If you want to keep your job, you'd best just keep things at a flirting level. And if you want to keep the relationship with your co-workers good, keep the flirting discreet and private. All is not lost, secret flirting can be quite fun in itself, especially to liven up a boring workday.

OK, so what if you really want to sleep with her, job be damned? Well, if you ever get her in a social setting, in the evening, have a meal, a few too many drinks, things might just happen. And then you can both chalk it up to one night of alcohol-fueled passion and put it behind you.
Posted by gfs on Thursday, 16 September 2004 (11:01:51) UTC (6090 reads)
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  Strength and Dignity are Her Clothing
ConfusionI am a 34 yr old male who has never been married. I don't have a girlfriend, and ahven't had for 10 years. Reading the tips you wrote on the Girlfriend stealers page wears me out to think that women are so complicated.....I'm sorry I should have said THAT kind of woman is. I have been dumped a couple of times myself.I get a kind of natural high thinking of those girls and knowing that they wish they'd stayed with me. I am a preachers kid and was raised on Bible teachings. My Mother is a prayer warrior and is a lady on the way. She is very old fashioned. She has taught me that the woman I marry should not marry me on any of the grounds that you stated there. I am looking for a woman like you (not nessessarily YOU) who can look at me and my life and see the love I have for her and STAY with me forever. Needless to say, this lady is hard to find. I can discribe her to the hilt, but the most important thing is that she is a christian and lives by Bible standards. No one will find what they are looking for until they surrender to GOD. I appreciate you for your sympathy on us guys. I know, too many of them just wanna get paid, but there are a few of us who want to build an empire of love and happiness with someone who cares about us - who we are. Where can I find a woman who is discribed in Proverbs 31?

GS: Crikey!

Posted by gfs on Wednesday, 18 August 2004 (19:13:36) UTC (4721 reads)
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  Draw her a Heart-Diagram
ConfusionI had a problem here. I guess I had made a stupid move....Well, here is my story....She was my friend, a long lost friend. We were close before or maybe I can admit that she is my ex-girlfriend. And then we met again in the University. Of course now she has a new boyfriend...The problem here is I want to steal her back. We keep seeing each others for several times and I thought she still wants me. One night, still dont know the fact that she is somebody elses girlfriend, I told her how much I'd be happy if both of us can be together as before again. That night I also draw her a heart-diagram, I labeled the vena cava, aorta, semilunar valve, etc.. on it and lastly I labeled her in the middle of the diagram. Believe me, I did all that spontaneously. She didn't say anything and did not even mention about her boyfriend. I didn't forced her to say anything that night because I believe that everything is under control.Since what had happened, she now tried to avoid me. She will use another lane and pretending that she did not see me at all if she saw me on the street. When she can't avoid me, she keep acting that she's in rush. She left me confused without any explanation. Isn't it wierd? Through her friend, I now realise that she has a boyfriend although I never saw him myself.I still wonder how he looks like. It was a very stupid mistake that I thought that she is still single. Everybody change, right? But she had changed a lot since we were lovers. Please help me, GS......what should I do to get her back? I read your website but it doesn't help much...You are an expert, maybe you have a solution for this one....or maybe you can fwd this to Nicole...
Posted by gfs on Wednesday, 18 August 2004 (19:15:26) UTC (6923 reads)
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