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  We are in control
Tips From ChicksHi, I really don't have any problem with your was rather funny. But being that I am a girl that has never been stolen..but that has played with a few dumb guys in my time. I think it is funny that you would devise a whole site to the fact that there are a lot of guys out there that are players, but that you don't give credit where credit is do. To the women that make stealing possible. Any lady that is happy in her relationship can not be stolen, it is only when she is bored or tired with her current situation. So it is us women that decide when we will let you feel like you stole us! But we are always the ones in control, and they guy is just there and convenient, and most likely cute. But we can see right through the nice guy facade and know you are players, but we allow it. You guys are really not doing a darn thing if you think about it other then the approach. Everything else is up to us. And if you realize that ahead of time then you have a better understanding of what you are dealing with when you deal with women! Just don't stop asking or other wise our lives would be boring!!

Posted by gfs on Saturday, 04 September 2004 (13:19:07) UTC (8069 reads)
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  Advanced Girlfriend Stealing Tips from an Actual Chick
Tips From ChicksHey, I'm actually a female, and I can probably give you all a few more tips in your endeavors. Why would I thus betray my own gender? Because I have tons of guy friends that keep getting dumped, cheated on, and generally mindf*cked by said gender.

I've been there, in my younger days. I've dumped a guy because someone else seemed to present "a better deal", or whatever. But I was very young, and I learned from my mistakes that it's more important to make a givenrelationship work, than to keep chasing something better... and I apologized to the people I had wronged. The guys in question weren't just trying to "steal" me and then laugh, but I still know what techniques caused me to abandon whatever relationship I was in.

Meanwhile, my fellow "chicks" are still at it. Several of them will string multiple guys along at once. One of them married my best friend, then screwed around on him repeatedly (he let her come back), ruined his credit, etc. All because they don't friggin' know what they want and are always looking for a better deal.

Anyway, I thought I'd give you a few pointers from the female perspective,when attempting to steal a girlfriend. This is intended for those hard-to-crack cases and may be overkill (and too subtle) for easier targets.

Getting Her Interest

If she was an easy target, you wouldn't be reading this. Therefore, she is not the type to be impressed by your money or your sheer manliness. You'd better make sure you have something else that interests her, or she may just be out of your league. You need some kind of hook.

It's important to balance between focusing on yourself (talking about your problems, interests, etc) and showing interest in HER. You can't appear to be too self-centered, OR too selfless.

Timing is everything. Look for the signs that she's wishing someone would steal her - subtle complaining about her current boyfriend, staring off into space moodily, perhaps focusing on sappy music, etc. But DON'T act on these signs. This is really the time to "just be her friend", maybe even pull away a little. Forget to answer email for a few days. It'll drive her nuts that she can't get male attention when she wants it, and she will be more receptive to you in the future.

Having a deep, dark secret from your past is good, as long as it's nothing too weird, and preferably not your fault. Make her drag it out of you. It's best if you already have something like this, don't just make it up. We really can tell when you're TOTALLY full of shit.

Building The Tension

Remember that forbidden fruit is the sweetest. A female will often convince herself that since she can't easily have you (without cheating on her boyfriend), that you are actually her DESTINY, and that she is a victim of cruel fate. At this point she will begin to think of the boyfriend as an obstacle standing between you, two star-crossed lovers. Then she will become more hostile towards the boyfriend. She has to trick herself into thinking he is really bad, so that she won't feel guilty about dissing him. This leads us to...

What to do when she complains about the other guy? This is a tricky part. Some people have advised being nice to the boyfriend, others have advised sympathizing and agreeing with her when she complains. You have to handle this on a case-by-case basis. If the guy isn't really that bad, be nice, listen to her bitch, but keep responses neutral. This will make her feel even more conflicted, and even more that she is a victim of fate, and make her want you even more. On the other hand, if the guy is a total asshole, play up to that - but try to be subtle, just shake your head and mumble under your breath "some guys just don't realize how lucky they are." Refuse to repeat or explain the comment.

Remember Trent Reznor's words: "Nothing quite like the feel of something new". There IS a sexual aspect of this for her, maybe more than you realize. If you sense that you have some pretty good physical chemistry going on, enhance it: DON'T hug her, don't touch her, don't even do "accidental" touching while you're sitting next to each other in the movie theater. Let the tension build. And build. And build. Meanwhile, hug other female friends in front of her.

Say you're both driving in the car, and a particularly relevant/melodramatic song comes on the radio, like "Something I can Never Have" by Nine Inch Nails. (Don't diss me, I like NIN.) IMMEDIATELY fall silent. Increase the volume slightly. Look solemn and tragic. Avoid looking directly at her. If she really wants you, she will become totally silent too, and this giant writhing ball of tension will build up in the car between you until the next song comes on.

Don't, don't, don't pretend to have another girlfriend or love interest. This seems like a good idea, but it's not. Often it will completely remove all that tension you've been trying to build, as the female becomes depressed and starts feeling sorry for herself.

Making The Kill

It should be spontaneous and dramatic. If you're reasonably sure you'rereading all the signs correctly and not just deluding yourself, she wants you, you want her, etc, I wouldn't object to just grabbing her (firmly but gently), pushing her up against a wall and kissing her passionately (no tongue at first, please). Just remember that no means no, and if she resists at all, you really do have to stop. Period. Don't assume that no really means yes, otherwise you're liable to get slapped, and possibly beaten up by her boyfriend/father/brother.

Wait till the time is right. You may have to wait a while to spot the perfect opportunity. But when you do, go for it. Don't hesitate, act with confidence but not arrogance. And if she responds, don't assume you're automagically going to get paid, either.

Some other people suggested using alcohol. In my opinion this is:

  1. Unethical, even if you're both drunk. You will at that time stop being a "player" and become a "male pig asshole" bordering on "date rapist". At least in my book.
  2. Not much of a turn-on - why ruin the moment by having one or both of you slobbering drunk?
  3. Too damned easy.
  4. The sign of an amateur.

What To Do Afterwards

Now you have her. I realize this point of this is the stealing, not the having. But maybe you've actually fallen in love with her, maybe she is a worthy person and her previous boyfriend was a prick. There is no shame in this, you know. To quote Robert Heinlein, "It is never foolish to love." [Wasn't that Trent Reznor? - GS]

But if you have decided to go through with it and dump her or otherwise diss her, I have no specific advice. If she's basically a nice, honest person getting away from a bad situation, and you're twisting her head like this, you're going to have to face up to the fact that you're probably an asshole who deserves castration. If you're ok with that, then I'm sure you already have plenty of ideas for dumping.

But if she was already in a good relationship, and broke up with her boyfriend out of boredom or the lure of forbidden fruit, and you feel she would probably do the same to you, in my opinion you can extricate yourself from the relationship with minimal guilt.

By this point, some of you may again be wondering why I am selling out my own gender. It's simple. Any chick in a good relationship who will allow herself to be "stolen" by these means probably deserves whatever she gets. Maybe it will shake her up a bit and forget that "knight in shining armour" fantasy that we've all been programmed with. Maybe it will teach her to appreciate what she already has.

And maybe she'll stop dumping MY male friends, dammit.

Posted by gfs on Wednesday, 18 August 2004 (17:36:03) UTC (24364 reads)
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  Better Than Her Boyfriend
Tips From ChicksIts easy to steal a girl who's bored, neglected, or otherwise feels unloved or unwanted in her current relationship. If she's flirting (openly!) with you, chances are really good she's bored with what she's got at home..

Having been stolen once - the easist way to get someone elses' chick isto treat her better than her boyfriend does. Even if it's only temporary, flatter her, buy her gifts (sorry, but it DOES help to have money!) and make her feel like she's the best thing since sliced bread..

In the end, she might realize you're an idiot, and she's a fool for leaving her boyfriend for you, but hey, all's fair in love.. and...

Thanks. Great advice!

Posted by gfs on Wednesday, 18 August 2004 (19:03:44) UTC (6835 reads)
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  Are You Coming On To Me?
Tips From ChicksI'm not writing in response to your Girlfriend Stealers topic....

That's ok, we can have a nice chat anyway... Do you have a boyfriend?

my boyfriend told me to have a look at your page because he's convinced that all my guy friends want to be girlfriend stealers (stealing me in particular). i guess you just confirmed his claim that it's a real thing that guys do. he he. i'm terribly amused.

Tell him... he's right! Where do you live?

Posted by gfs on Wednesday, 18 August 2004 (19:04:35) UTC (5454 reads)
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  Add Spice to a Drab Day
Tips From ChicksI am a chick. At times I have been a girlfriend. I have had encounters with girlfriend stealers in the past, and they are really amusing. Chicks in a ho-hum relationship thrive on girlfriend stealers. They add spice to an otherwise drab day. As someone else said in the feedback area of your site, chicks can see a girlfriend stealer a mile away. So it really is us who gain the pleasure from GS's attempts. And if the steal was a success... then women win. GS's provide the necessary excuse to dump a guy who hasn't been everything the woman wants. And if the chick is in a sincerely good relationship, the steal tends not to work. Honest. I've been there.
Posted by gfs on Wednesday, 18 August 2004 (19:05:34) UTC (5010 reads)
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  Stolen Via the Internet
Tips From ChicksI am a happily taken 25 yr old woman who was stolen. I was with a man for 5 years, married to him for the last 2. I met my now boyfriend over the internet. We started out as just friends, but eventually the draw to one another became over-whelming. My husband never paid much attention to me after work and eventually our life together just no longer existed. My boyfriend and I discovered phone sex and many other forms of entertainment while my has-been significant other was sound asleep in our bedroom. We eventually got to meet in person and that was that. I have since relocated to be with him and divorce was filed before I went to meet him. We are both happier than either of us have ever been. We tune into each other so well. Trust me ladies, there is nothing wrong with breaking the vow, especially when the other already let it die. Life is too short to be unhappy and miserable for the rest of it. Good luck to all you guys out there. Remember, be the Knight in Shining Armor, and be for real when you do it. Smile
Posted by gfs on Wednesday, 18 August 2004 (19:06:46) UTC (6180 reads)
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  It Really Works!
Tips From ChicksNice page! None of those ever worked on me. Well, maybe when I was 14. I can tell when a call is trying to steal me from my boyfriend. Now I know even more than I did before. I did love the page though. Ammused me for a bit. I managed to read all of it.

This summer I had the pleasure of being stolen, and I'd like to thank you for providing such a wonderful home page. Even though my current boyfriend never read it, he must have read your mind - He followed the instructions to the letter. I recommend this page to anyone interested in stealing a girl - it worked on me!

Posted by gfs on Wednesday, 18 August 2004 (19:07:49) UTC (5536 reads)
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  After the Kiss
Tips From ChicksHere's a tip for you: So, you're at the stage where you make the first serious move - you actually kiss her. Now comes the big question... what do you say afterwards? There are two obvious alternatives:

  1. say something strong and passionate along the lines of "I've been wanting to do that since I first met you", then carry her off to the bedroom.
  2. act totally shocked and confused about what happened, like it was spontaneous - "Oh... I'm so sorry... I... I didn't plan for that to happen".

Although alternative 1 has the advantage of being very flattering forthe girl, alternative 2 usually works better. This is because:

  • a) alternative 1 can be a bit too strong. No one likes to feel they've been stalked or hunted.
  • b) if the kiss made her angry or upset she doesn't react as violently. It doesn't seem as if you're to blame, just that you were so overcome with desire that at the spur of the moment you couldn't help yourself, and would never have done it if you were thinking rationally.
  • c) the girl is totally flattered that she is attractive enough to cause irrational behaviour, like an spontaneous kiss, in a guy.
  • d) if you get this bit right she's yours - a surprised reaction may fool her into believing that the kiss was at her instigation, or at least that she is as much to blame as you.
  • e) it makes you seem sensitive.

Lastly, if she says "I had no idea you felt that way about me", a clever response is "I think I only just realised it myself". Act full of wonderment and inspired awe at the realisation. This transforms you from a sneaky guy who's trying to worm his way between her and her man into the perfect man she's destined to be with, if it wasn't for that slack boyfriend of hers. It's no longer you that's forcing the two of you together, but fate.

This help is from a girl, incidently. I'm a hardcore serial boyfriendstealer, but frankly I find guys too easy sometimes. Not enough challenge. Hope this advice works for you, you see once I got stolen bya guy who used alternative 2 on me. I only later found out he'd been planning it for weeks.

This sounds like it just might work. Thanks for the thoughtful analysis. Let's get some more details about your boyfriend stealing exploits.

Posted by gfs on Wednesday, 18 August 2004 (19:08:47) UTC (13076 reads)
(Read More... | 48 comments | Score: 4.81)

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