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  ima playa but im just a lil rusty right now
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: okkkay thiers this girl that looks just like jLo and i really like this girl i mean damn man shes so hot but see she has this boyfriend and they have only been going out for like umm 1 month now but see i threw game at her and got her wanting me but then one day she wrote me and is all like well i noe u kan give me a better life and add alot of interest to my life but i just dont know wat to think right now so i choose my boyfriend over you now see i was stunn'd because hes sum dood who is going no were in life and has dropped outta school,, man i have so much more over this guy forgodsakes i drive an escalade on 24's and im only 18 and im of course good looking haha .. well shes been inviting me over alot but mostly we just chill in her room since her moms is kinda in strict mode right now lol but any ways yea we hang out alot and when shes with me she tells me that i make her feel so happy and i make her forget about her boyfriend see she told me the other nite that the reason she chose him was because she dint want to have any regrets about leaving him she dint want to be in regret like thinking i wonder wat it woulda been like if i had stayed with him, she also said that she wanted to have no worries nor regrets and that she wants to be in happiness when shes with me and shit so i told her well ill just be waiting for you to see what happens even though i have no idea if your gonna come my way or not . but of course i just told her that to make her feel comforatable haha well i noe she likes me i think shes just afraid to leave her boyfriend im not sure tho, see the thing is shes only called me once outta these whole 2 weeks and ive called like 99.9% of the time so yea i think i messed up thier well ive noticed that this girl isnt impressed with money kause i offer alot of things like cell fones or purses all that shit a girl would want , but yet she refuses , When i take this girl out i only take her to the best places to eat and have fun around dallas . i dont take her to no mc donalds or none of that i give her the best and see shes one of those girls from a shitty neighbor hood but shes super cute and usually i dont mess with girls like that but shes different shes like one of those rare hot ass spanish girls from the ghetto .. she already knows ill show her nuthin but a life of luxury if shes with me i just think shes afraid ... one more thing see i just barely got out of a 2 yr relationship with this hot ass asian girl like 1 week ago and the spanish girl noes this because i would talk about our probs with her and make her feel sorry for me lol u know how it goes well see i had been hitting on the spanish girl like 3 weeks before i broke up with my girlfriend basically i was hitting on her while i was with the asian girl but she dint care im positive about that ,,, THINK YOU can help me out ?

GFS: Well if she was like JLo she'd have broken up with her boyfriend by now!

Well the money isn't working... that's OK. She's prob not so impressed that you were hitting on her while going out with your ex. And she knows you're in rebound mode.

Her "no regrets" logic makes no sense. Tell her no matter what, she's gonna have regrets in life. She's gonna regret that she didn't go out with you.

Don't try to impress her with the money too much. She might feel like you're trying to buy her and girls hate that.

The thing is you gotta make sure she understands that she can't have both of you. She's gotta make a choice. If she thinks you'll always be there waiting for her, why should she do anything different from what she's got now?
Posted on Wednesday, 20 October 2004 (18:21:52) UTC by gfs

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