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  Girl on a School Trip
Playas PlaybookTed Carpenter:

i met a girl on a school trip. We are from the same area; she lives about 45 minutes away, and we go to different schools. I only got to meet her at the very end of our trip, and the most i got was a hug whenwe parted. she seemed very comfortable talking about her boyfriend around me. They've been going out for 6 months. I made it perfectly clear that i wanted her to all her friends, knowing they would tell. i'm sure they did and she knows. i was flirting with her the whole time. people say she's not serious about him and her education comes first. (i think that's cute)

The Playa:

This is a long shot, but if she's 45 minutes away, and you're in the same "area," is this implying that you're rural?

If you're rural, you just may have access to the world's number one natural non-man made girlfriend stealing device: the horse. Chicks love horses, and if you have access to one, ask her to come and ride with you.

She will be in heaven, you will be cool, and for the rest, you will need nothing additional to have her.

Posted on Wednesday, 18 August 2004 (19:35:18) UTC by gfs

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Re: Girl on a School Trip (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Tuesday, 24 January 2006 (17:53:09) UTC

Yo most definetely if you have a horse then flatter her with it. And ya you want to certainely ask her if she wnts to ride with you. But if you dont have a horse then my advice is to just keep trying to flirt with her.. you know what i mean ( no, not flirt as in fun talk)
flirt with her about how pretty she is and if she likes you and she begins to think her other owned bf is a half-ass piece of crap... then u you should know for ure that shes trying to say that she hates her bf and she wants you to think that u can be her knight in shinning armor so ur best chance is to say somthing like "jeesus what a loser" Or well i can show you to a good time sweety" and jf she says she likes you then u know that shes urs and youve done good.. but dude dont go off having fun with her at first..well thats only if she wants to...and if shes only 45 minutes away and she wants to make out with you then hell man i would be getting in that car going 90 on the road heading for her house. or i'd be running there as fast a humanly possible. then once you get their ask her if she wants to go somewhere with you. You definetely dont wana go in her house unles u know for sure that her parents arent gonna be there anytime soon. Keep in mind im 12 yrs old and its appened to me not some kid that doesnt know what hes talking about i know what to do... just give what i said a try and you'll notice a massive differnece in her likeness for you. just try believe me it will work. But you have to be out and ready to flatter her any time of the day. oh and one thing always tell her she looks beautiful everyday. cya bro and best of luck 2 you my hats off to you. bye and good luck hope she become the right one for you. Wink

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