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  How to get her. Please listen
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: Hey Guys(and girls, if any),

I read your letters, sites, etc. I think you guys are cool, etc. My problem is:


I'm in highschool. 11th grade now. Met the girl in 10th grade. I'm Sixteen now, she's eighteen. I'm getting a permit to drive, almost. But enough about me. This girl I met in algebra class. She was at first cute to me. I thought she was just all looks. But we studied together. I was more experienced than her in mathematics. So she usually comes to me for help. We then become aquantances. Then good friends. But when, every hour in that class, I saw the way she was. I loved the way she was. Her personality, her smile, her hair, her eyes, her cute face, her body, everything. We are talking about a girl, that I am willing to die for, if she asks for it, I will allow myself to suffer all the sufferings in the wolrd for her. And I think she likes me alot too, I think I would rank next to her boyfriend.


Yes. She has boyfriend. I once told her, over the phone, after school year was done, that I liked more than a friend. She then responds to me by saying that she's sorry, but there is nothing she can do. they were going to get married within a year. I'm like, wow, that's quick, even though that they've only been dating since junior high. At first, I 'm like, is there anything I can do to change that. She says no, sorry, there isn't, I asked her if she was sure on that, she answered without a thought and said that she was positive. I then played the good sportsman type and say, well, good luck on the wedding, you have my consent, blessing whatever crap a good friend should say, she thanked me. They now are going to college together. Planning to get a house to live in together. I am literally hurt by this fact. My heart was literally was being carved away by their relationship, felt like an ax with a burning blade, keeps on carving, till the day I die. I was so hurt, the only thing preventing me from a two story drop was my friend, who literally tied me up to a chair with duck tape.

My Plan:

I have a plan, just popped up recently. I know where she works, I got her phonenumber, she's got mine. I plan to go over to where she works, a mall. I say hi, talk a bit. say "This is the last time I am going to ask you, if you say no, I will finally leave you alone, but if you say yes, I would be the happiest 16-year old kid in the world" and beg with a face while I'm at it, then I'll tell her how I felt about her, everything that concerns her. and if she says no, or I don't know, I will spit on the floor, scrape my shoe on it, put my knee, that was recenty cut, on the dirty floor and tell her that I won't get off this knee until she says yes, I would get on both knees and beg if necessary, and beg, or do whatever I can, till she says yes, even for just one date. That's my plan.


Thanks for reading my letter all the way to here. I respect you guys as experts on these kinds of situation, so please don't let me down. Thanks. Peace Out...

That's "duct" tape.
That is really a terrible plan and will never work. If you haven't done that, you still have some hope.

The thing about them moving in together is excellent news. Before that it was a dream that they get married. Once they try living together they will see how annoying the other person can be. Add in the stress of first-year college and they will be at each other's throats in no time... if you're lucky.

Don't give her ultimatums or pressure her... what a turn off!! You sound like a bill collector. You're too much in love with her and she knows it and it probably freaks her out. Relax!

Then just be there for her and see how it goes.

Posted on Friday, 08 October 2004 (12:06:03) UTC by gfs

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