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  Am I the one?
ConfusionAnonymous writes: Alright check this out. I'm a senior in highschool and met this hot girl from my best friends G/F about a month ago. Me and her had a pretty good time in which we saw a movie together. A week later is homecoming. i have a different date but i notice that the girl i hung out with last week is there with some guy that no one likes. After homecoming i hear that she has made out with this dude. I'm pretty pissed but I'm like o well I can win her back easily. I hear that she really likes him and thinks hes sooo sweet. Now her best friend keeps telling me to go for her and whatever but she seems like she is split between the two of us. O ya this girl is the hottest girl i have me and i dont no why she is single... Anyways the next week i ask her out to go see a play at my school. Get this, the guy that she went to HC with is in the play and its awkward to watch this guy with her there. We have an ok time but i was really tired and seemed kinda boring i think i dont no. She said she understands because i had a game that day but its not the impression i wanted to leave. So i text message her everyday the next week and call her twice seeing if she wants to hang out. She sends one message back saying sry i missed your calls, ive been feeling pretty bad. So on a friday night i call her to see if she wants to hang out and she calls me back when im in the car with my friends saying she does. So i pick her up with some of my nerdy friends in the car. It was really awkward for her because my friends were really acting like fags. We go see a football game and then a movie. We had an alright time, nothing special. She has a stick shift car and doesnt no how to drive it, so I tell her ill teach her the next day if she wants?
I really really like this girl and i want to be her boyfriend but im not sure how to approach this. Im kinda scared because shes hot and has a lot of guy friends that could probably take her away. I also have not been in many relationships so I dont really no how to act in a relationship if I had one. I need advice on how to approach this opportunity, and how me and her could have a great relationship afterwards if we went out.

Whew. I once heard that many hot girls are very lonely because everyone is too intimidated to ask them out. What a crock! So your friends were acting like fags? Maybe they were doing you a favor because if she thinks they're all gay she will like you more for being open-minded and she will not fall in love with one of them. If only we could all have such considerate friends.

Boy, that theatre date sounds like a disaster. How unlucky can you be??

OK, so she's hot. She has a lot of guy friends. They probably all want to get in her pants. But they're probably not having much luck. She's already decided about them and the decision is NO. Don't worry about them.

You've got to get organized. Ask her out on a better planned date. Something where it's just you two and you'll be comfortable and relaxed and have a really good time. You say you don't know how to act in a relationship. Well, don't smother her. Don't tell her you love her too soon. Girls are pretty smart about these things and they can see through the bullshit. Have a good time. You're only in high-school fer christ's sake so having fun should be priority #1. Show an interest in what she thinks, how she feels, her hopes, dreams, fears etc. Support her. Compliment her. Make her feel special. Let her do things for you and let her know you appreciate her.
Posted on Tuesday, 26 October 2004 (18:33:09) UTC by gfs

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by Anonymous on Monday, 19 June 2006 (20:20:49) UTC

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by Anonymous on Thursday, 26 April 2007 (21:45:03) UTC
i seee bigg asss asss i go for it and ***** that
i go wo ow ow wo wo Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

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